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Photo Blog is Back

Photo Blog is Back
My Photo Blog

Some times ago, I’ve made a photo gallery with Hugo and the AutoPhugo template. But I didn’t maintained it because I wasn’t really satisfied by the process behind.

Recently, you may have seen I’ve done some photo report posts. As the format was close to what I expected for a Photo Blog, I’ve decided to create a separated blog with a more photo-friendly template that was still permit to do some narrative stuff. And it’s done !

My Photo Blog is available at the following URL :

Behind it, that’s still Hugo and it uses the shortcodes and partials I’ve made for this one, but in an enhanced way. The template will be published on GitHub later. This one is a more home-made CSS that use some little parts of the SimpleCSS framework. It is also based on the post archetype provided by AutoPhugo but in a customized way. I’m not yet completely satisfied by the album page layout, but that’s a first try. Also, the RSS feed doesn’t work yet.

To inaugure it, I’ve put back on it the photos from the Champagne cave visit and Bruxelles’ Street Arts. And two new albums are also available : the first is not really new because it was published on the first gallery, my visit of Lille’s Beffroi, and another one presenting the “plans-relief” exposed at the Palais des Beaux-Arts at Lille too.

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