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One month without a car

- 9 minutes read time

Two years ago, I’ve switched to an electric car. So far, I’m still persuaded that I won’t switch back to petrol car. The driving is smooth, also powerful, the silence is enjoyable, and no need to wait at a gaz station regarding my usages.

The discovery of an electric car

- 6 minutes read time

Last February, I’ve posted I’ll switch to an electric car. And now it’s done, the vehicle took a long time to be delivered but now I can enjoy it. I’ve ordered it on February, and it has been constructed during June.

This year, I'll switch to an electric car

- 4 minutes read time

I must admit one thing : I’m one of the monsters that still likes cars. Yep. My favorite kind is the compact sport hatchback because it’s not too big, and not too small. A decade ago, I had a company car that was in the lower tier and I felt very uncomfortable.