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Who Goes There ?

- 2 minutes read time

Who Goes There ? is a 1938 science fiction horror book written by John W. Campbell. This novella got movies adaptation such as the famous John Carpenter’s The Thing in 1982. In French, the novel is entitled La Chose, which is the translation for “The Thing”.

New story and English translation of my first book

- 4 minutes read time

In the beginning of September, I’ve published on various e-books platforms the first story I’ve wrote. I must admit I’ve took some pleasure to write this and I’m currently writing another one, set in the same universe. But first, I would like to send many thanks to the people who bought the books I’ve published since the beginning (including Linux Explained).

My first short story book

- 5 minutes read time

Today, I’ve submitted to Amazon Kindle store, Kobo, and also on my Ko-Fi shop (that I’ve also discovered I could use that, better later than never…) the first story I’ve wrote as a book. The Amazon and Kobo publications are under review and should be available after 72 hours maximum.