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Homepage enhancement and books preview

Homepage enhancement and books preview
My homepage

A couple of time ago I’ve decided to remade my homepage because the previous one was … Let’s be clear, a quick and dirty. A first remade version was published two months ago and received some enhancement on the time.

Homepage revamped

Still using Hugo, this new version of my personal website was the opportunity to centralize my various activities. So it integrates the list of my latest blog entries, also for the photo blog, and a detailed page for my books.

The RSS feed reader was made using Python and is available on GitHub with the rest of the website’s sources. Since it’s a very personal and specific template, I don’t think it would be easily reusable but I’ve shared it as an example of a capability.

The theme is using the Nord color scheme. I like it and I wanted to experiment its usage.

Free books previews

Also I would like to take the opportunity to share I’ve recently published free previews of my paid books available on various platforms. These versions contain the first chapter for each story. Since I’m what we could call a young writer, I think it was a good thing to propose these previews so I could have more feedback on my work.

Unfortunately, you can’t publish a free book on Amazon KDP (or I couldn’t find how…) and so far, Kobo refused the previews because of “incomplete experience for the readers”. I’m not sure to really understand the reason because I’ve seen a loot of free previews published by authors on their store. I’m waiting for an explanation.

Meanwhile, these free previews are available on Ko-Fi or my Homepage. If you’re not a Ko-Fi user and don’t want to leave to email address to them, which is understandable, get them from my book list.

Books cover generator

Also, I’ve shared it a week ago on Fosstodon, but I wanted to have a simple way to create my books covers. Since I’m using StableDiffusion to generate the image, I couldn’t find something that satisfied me in order to easily create the cover layout. So I took this opportunity to also try GitHub Copilot Chat and here’s the result : Ebook Cover Generator. It’s a simple tool and it answers to my needs. I’m currently writing a feedback about the experience of developing something with Copilot Chat when you’re not a dev.

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