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One month without a car

- 9 minutes read time

Two years ago, I’ve switched to an electric car. So far, I’m still persuaded that I won’t switch back to petrol car. The driving is smooth, also powerful, the silence is enjoyable, and no need to wait at a gaz station regarding my usages.

Homepage enhancement and books preview

- 2 minutes read time

A couple of time ago I’ve decided to remade my homepage because the previous one was … Let’s be clear, a quick and dirty. A first remade version was published two months ago and received some enhancement on the time.

BTW, why ?

- 5 minutes read time

Today, I want to answer to a question nobody asked : why is this site uses for its URL ? Well, there is a small story behind it. No very special, but I wanted to share it. A lot of personal blogs are usually using an URL named after their owner, or a pseudonym they use.

My vinyl records collection

- 5 minutes read time

If somebody told me in early 2022 I would buy a vinyl turntable and starting a vinyl records collection, I don’t think I would have believed it. Like I’ve said in the linked blog entry, I’m not audiophile and not a “vinyl nostalgic”.

The discovery of an electric car

- 6 minutes read time

Last February, I’ve posted I’ll switch to an electric car. And now it’s done, the vehicle took a long time to be delivered but now I can enjoy it. I’ve ordered it on February, and it has been constructed during June.

Got a vinyl Turntable

- 3 minutes read time

To be honest, I’ve never been into the nostalgic fashion of vinyl discs. I’ve used them during my youth playing my parents and grand parents collection, along with the audio tapes, then the audio CD, then the digital music (MP3, Flac, streaming…).

This year, I'll switch to an electric car

- 4 minutes read time

I must admit one thing : I’m one of the monsters that still likes cars. Yep. My favorite kind is the compact sport hatchback because it’s not too big, and not too small. A decade ago, I had a company car that was in the lower tier and I felt very uncomfortable.