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My vinyl records collection

My vinyl records collection
My vinyl turntable, personal photo, license CC-BY-SA 4.0

If somebody told me in early 2022 I would buy a vinyl turntable and starting a vinyl records collection, I don’t think I would have believed it. Like I’ve said in the linked blog entry, I’m not audiophile and not a “vinyl nostalgic”. Because I remember this medium while I was a kid and the sound of the family turntable was awful, the needle jumped a lot, and the “cracks” were not really enjoyable.

But today, since I’ve bought this turntable and enjoyed my first vinyl records after decades, I’ve set a small collection of records. Here is my current collection state sorted by music kind.

Video games

Because my first one was in this category, let’s start with this one.

Movies Soundtracks

Anime Soundtracks

Rock / Pop

Hard Rock / Heavy Metal

That’s one of my favorite kind, I’ve fallen into Metal since the High School (with Black or Death metal) and today it remains one of my usual sound with the more classic rock.


M83 is almost the only band I listen to of this kind. But it’s truly awesome. It’s a French origin band who creates ambient and electro songs with a powerful sound music background and vibe. Their work has been used in some commercials of movies trailers. They made the soundtrack for the movie Oblivion. The main theme song of this movie is beautiful, and when you see her singer performing live, she’s just awesome.

I also have a “wanted” list I hope I can reduce at each discs fair or in retailers, but some of them are really really hard to find. One of my most prioritized target is The Crimpson Idol from W.A.S.P. because it’s the first album I’ve heard from them, and this opera rock is awesome on every single point. Some other albums are quite difficult to find because they have been release at the time when vinyls had lost their market and been replaced by CDs. Some of my collection is composed of reprints, but others are original one and that’s a great pleasure to find a rare item !

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