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No more separated Homepage and Blog

No more separated Homepage and Blog
This blog !

It’s been just a few months following the previous redesign, but I must admit I wasn’t satisfied. So I needed to remodel a little this blog.

And another question I’ve asked to myself was : why having a dedicated blog URL actually and a homepage that was just an aggregate ? The basic idea behind the homepage was simple, but I don’t think it actually worked. So I’ve decided to remove it and make this blog my main website.

My domain now redirects to my blog directly and not the basic homepage. The former URL still exists and is now an alias, so nothing would broke hopefully.

Regarding the modifications I’ve made on this blog template : I’ve inverted the panel from left to right. Also the landing page layout changed for a vertical display of the latest articles. The right panel is now permanent and will be the link to my other activities. As you can see, it show my latest book (using the RSS feed to generate the sub page at build), and my Mastodon feed. I’ll add my Photo Blog feed later, so far the content has been manually generated to make it work.

The Mastodon feed is the same way I’ve used on my template Am Writing, using the RSS feed to display your toots.

Now I’m quite satisfied by this new layout, but I have the fear that it could be a little to charged.

Some adjustment may come later :)

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