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Oops, I think I've wrote a book

Oops, I think I've wrote a book
A book - OpenClipArts - Public Domain

Lastly, this blog has been filled by a series of articles named Linux Explained. Since a long time, I’ve wanted to share some knowledge about Linux and try to explain it to people in simple and accessible terms. But, the more the articles were spawning, the more an idea was germinating in my head … Why not compiling these articles into a book ?

In the 8th part of the Linux Explained series, I’ve said I could have talked about several more topic regarding Linux and I’ve had an idea regarding this.

The idea was this and I’ve dared doing it :

I’m happy to introduce you the e-book version of the Linux Explained series I’ve wrote here. All of the content is present, including the various figures and stupid remarks.

And since I think it should be a collaborative work if some people want to contribute to expand it, the content is now released on GitHub and opened to any contribution.

This book was also an opportunity to experiment how to deliver an e-book using a CI/CD pipeline, that was fun to do and I’ll write another article explaining how I’ve proceed.

So, from now, if I have some ideas for another topic to explore in this series, it will be directly published into the e-book. I you want to participate to the content too, you’re free and welcome to contribute. There is still some cleanup to do but a first draft version is already available.

I’ll also take the opportunity of this announcement to thanks the persons who sent me some fixes or typo notice during the initial publication.

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