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Yet Another Blogroll

Yet Another Blogroll
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During the previous week-end, I had a simple idea about if a blogroll directory could be made with a static-site generator like Hugo (the one I use here).

After some tinkering, it appeared that it worked pretty nice, so I’ve launched it on the web and let see what will happen.

So, I’m happy to introduce you Yet Another Blogroll, a humanly curated personal blog directory made with a static-site generator.

Anybody can submit their own blog or a site of their choice directly on the GitHub repository or by sending the link by email.

Feel free to add your own blog or one of your choice !

Any suggestion to improve the service are welcome too !

Under the hood

The website if made with Hugo, using its content classification logic and the template is based on the SimpleCSS framework.

When a new entry is submitted by opening a Pull-request on the repository, a GitHub Actions workflow is triggered to check if the site is still building after this addition.

The pull-request requires at least a review to be merged.

After the pull-request is merged on the main branch, another workflow is triggered and the new pages are published.

The workflow is using rclone to publish the content, with the sync option. At first, I’ve wanted to use the builtin rsync command available on the GitHub runner, but the OVHCloud hosting tier I’ve subscribed doesn’t propose SSH access on the hosting space, only SFTP.

That’s all !

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