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Manage your project documentation as Code

- 15 minutes read time

As an architect, the main product I deliver is a document named “Technical Architecture Document”. This document is basically a high level specification (not because it’s rocket science, it’s just a detailed global perspective) explaining how a software project will be implemented with the rest of the information system.

Use a CI/CD workflow to maintain a book content

- 9 minutes read time

This may sound a little incongruous if for you the Continous Integration / Continuous Delivery patterns are for software development, but yes, you can maintain a book with the same principles. Recently, I’ve compiled the Linux Explained articles into an e-book.

Terraform your CICD Toolchain : GitHub

- 6 minutes read time

When you’re running and managing the CICD Toolchain of a big organization, you may want to establish some conventions and usage rules to avoid having to manage a big inconsistent mess. One possibility to avoid this, after you had established your various naming conventions and usages, is to use Terraform to maintain all of the objects constitutes your application projects.

Yet Another Blogroll

- 2 minutes read time

During the previous week-end, I had a simple idea about if a blogroll directory could be made with a static-site generator like Hugo (the one I use here). After some tinkering, it appeared that it worked pretty nice, so I’ve launched it on the web and let see what will happen.

act for testing Github Action locally

- 7 minutes read time

Following my previous article about GitHub Actions, here is a new one that will explain how to locally test your Actions. Unlike the good old Jenkins on which you can copy/paste your pipeline code in a test job and run it (that’s dirty but it works), GitHub Actions requires to always commit and push your changes and wait for the runner to take it.

Github Actions

- 6 minutes read time

GitHub Actions is a Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment workflow manager made by the code repository hosting service GitHub. GitHub was a little late in the CI/CD pipeline management compared to its competitor GitLab and the good old Jenkins. After a beta testing period, the service opened in 2018.

Misbrands : GitHub and GitLab

- 6 minutes read time

This third entry in our misbrands series will be about GitHub and GitLab, two famous code hosting (and other) services based on the Git SCM. This parodied version combine the GitHub name, written with the correct brand’s font, but associated with GitLab’s logo and with the same trademark layout.

I've shared my Hugo shortcodes on GitHub

- 1 minutes read time

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve made an article about how to use Hugo shortcodes and integrate them. I’ve decided to share them on GitHub, you can find them here : Until now, there are two of them : The exif metadata reader I’ve made previously.